Hip Clock in the Apple Store
Clock Features
  • Multiple beautiful faces to keep your clocks looking fresh
  • Classy wooden analog clock
  • Super flip clock
  • Fancy digital clock
  • Vertical and horizontal display
Alarm Features
  • Use your iTunes Music Library, and wake up to any song or playlist you want
  • Sound notification alarms even when app is not running
  • Oversized snooze and alarm off button
  • 15 hip alarm sounds: Classical Debussy, Classical Tchaikovsky, Bacon Bar, Digital I, Digital II, Zulu, Train, Guitar, Groove Echo, Easy Morning, Chimes, Chicken, Cheering, Dog Barking, Alarm Bell
  • Multiple alarms
  • Repeat alarms
  • Adjustable volume
  • Snooze ON/OFF
  • Vibrate ON/OFF
Flashlight Features
  • Shake for ON/OFF flashlight
Coming Soon
  • In-App Purchase new faces to keep your alarm clocks looking fresh

Hip Clock ~ Designer Alarms

Hipsters unite, Image is everything

Digital, Analog, Flip, and more. Hip Clock is the best alarm clock app with custom audio and iTunes music library support. Set your song or playlist, and sleep. Featuring three beautifully designed faces, it’s like having different watches for your nightstand. Now get on your fixie, drink a PBR, and go you super hip dude.

Hip Clock This is the besst looking iPhone app alarm clock, bro. This is the best looking iPhone app alarm clock, bro. Helped me wake up in the morning after one too many PBR’s. ~Pedro Gomez

Use music from your iTunes Music Library and wake up to any song you want. MGMT, Oasis, and more right there blasting in your ears when you wake up, or choose from one of our 15 super hip sounds.

Minimalistic interface
Use Music from your iTunes

The minimalistic interface allows the beauty of the clock faces to shine through. Additionally, we used standard Apple interface guidelines for setting and choosing your alarms, which will keep fumbling to a minimum, and Steve happy.

Just woke up to someone you don’t know laying next to you in bed? Use your Hip Clock flashlight to get your pants, and get the heck out of there.

Shake for Flashlight

Need Help? Email support at hipclock.com Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/hipclock